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Viprinet in Business Critical Applications

Feb 19, 2019 5:21:43 PM | Dave Rowe
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Today’s business applications require 100% uptime driven by cloud computing, machine-to-machine interaction, voice and video communications and the digital transformation of nearly all business processes. Business customers often rely on one service provider offering with a given service level agreement which determines bandwidth, availability, and reach. Unfortunately, like in real life one size doesn’t fit all business requirements. This is where Viprinet’s WAN bonding technology comes in. Viprinet enables connectivity in order to deliver a resilient communication infrastructure which Viprinet customers are using to deploy different applications.





Retailers constantly demand higher bandwidth and uptime since more and more applications are digitized, e.g. customer programs, pricing, logistics, or accounting. Previously, retailers could cope with 98% or 99% availability and DSL bandwidths. Today, they are demanding 100% uptime and more upload bandwidth due to the existence of digital signage applications, customer loyalty programs, and online electronic payments. Each disruption or bottleneck is going to impact cash register transactions and customer satisfaction.



Ferries, Cruise Ships


Tourists and travellers demand Internet regardless of the location. Imagine a tourist on a river cruise or a business traveller on a ferry. They definitely need to access the Internet for travel plans or business communications. Previously, connectivity was delivered by one 3G/4G provider, which led to very poor performance in terms of bandwidth and latency. Also, poor coverage, especially in rural areas such as river shores and sea shores, led to frequent disconnects.

With Viprinet’s bonding technology, ship, cruise, and ferry operators have been able to deliver great services for travellers enhancing the overall bandwidth while, at the same time, reducing the latency and disconnects due to better coverage by combining different provider networks.


High Speed Trains / Buses


Travellers are expecting reliable Internet services wherever they are. However, in some environments such as high-speed trains, this can be very challenging due to the frequent change between cells, low coverage in rural areas, and the high amount of traffic generated by business travellers.

Viprinet has a unique approach to bond several service providers into one high-speed connection. Even when a single link fails, the users won’t notice it. In addition, administrators can fine-tune certain parameters to deliver a stable link over highly unstable connections.




Construction companies often operate in areas where infrastructure is simply not yet available or they only need it for a certain amount of time which conflicts with long-term contractual agreements of carriers.

However, they need access to communicate with architects, contractors, and clients to ensure smooth operations at the construction site. A number of large construction companies are using Viprinet to enable construction sites with connectivity. The idea is simply to leverage Viprinet’s modular approach and deploy the best mix of modules (e.g. DSL, 3G/4G) for each location. By that, workers are provided the maximum of bandwidth by WAN bonding and smooth communication between site, architect, contractors, and headquarters can be ensured.


Energy Grid


The electrical grid is undergoing massive change. There’s the need to reduce the waste of energy loss during transmission, which leads to more and more IT use throughout the grid. In addition, we see the use of alternative power sources (such as wind, sun, and sea) increasing quickly across the globe. Due to the nature of power stations and alternative energy generators, these are located in rural areas where wired connectivity is often unavailable. Therefore, many grid providers are using Viprinet to connect to remote stations for monitoring of energy generators and the management of energy plants.




Viprinet builds the foundation for many of the above application scenarios. Customers and partners have chosen Viprinet since only by that they are able to achieve close to 100% uptime with close to 0% packet loss by mixing and matching different technologies and service providers. This enables them to deliver new applications which were previously un-thought of or were not possible due to the restrictions of specific technologies and service providers. Viprinet enables you to achieve high availability, bandwidths, and reach where you need it.

You can get started with Viprinet by taking a look at your current availability and cost. This data should be compared with your availability and bandwidth requirements for the future. We can offer you a workshop to discuss how you can migrate towards 100% uptime and the bandwidth you need for the same or even less cost.


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